Boxing machine is used for product sales packaging machinery

Date:2021.07.06   Views:2087


The packing machine is used to complete the transport packing. It packs the finished products into the box in a certain arrangement and quantity, and closes or seals the opening part of the box. The box-packing machine and the box-packing machine have the functions of container forming (or opening the container) , measuring, loading, sealing and so on. The typical process is as follows: The filling machine positions the hose container, seals the end of the container after metering and filling, and then sends it to the boxing machine. The packer shapes the blank first, wraps the hose with a backing paper and pushes it into the box to seal the opening. The small boxes are sent to the packing machine through the conveying device for stacking. After a predetermined number of stacks have been stacked, the big box blank is wrapped to form a container, while the small box is packed into it and sealed with glue. The large boxes are delivered to the packing machine to be stacked up to a predetermined number and then loaded into an open box. After packing, the cover shall be sealed with glue by a sealing and pasting machine, and the cover tongue shall be sealed with adhesive tape or the case shall be fastened by a binding machine.

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